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Multi Waste Modern Management  "MWMM" is planning to clean

                                                                                                                                 September, 11, 2019  Moment J and K Enterprises is gearing to reach its action plan. https://jak-enterprising.yolasite.com/.  


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Living is so good, but we can't live for hundreds years, while many things need to be attained. There is time for everything. To do everything is always possible, and to be successful is a will of timing. What is needed is "just reach out"

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Projecting to clean by waste management


The determine your business progress; is by putting your input correct, while doing all activities rightly without going away from the plan. Your input will bring a better result of production. 



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 M N C

 Teachers Without Borders Groups.

 Food For The Poor  Helping the Poor.

 The Peace Alliance.

Donate for Health

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 Foundation for Research and Developmental Services


















COVID 19 Is Endangering Lives

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